Sunday, August 10, 2014

My 28th: Month round celebration 2

My 28th birthday celebration with the boy came early with a cake delivered to my office during late afternoon!
Was caught in surprise because seldom the receptionist would call me down.
My first thought was actually some IRAS letter. hahaa.
And it was actually a delivery by The White Ombre. A cake! When I was the handwriting of the order, I knew it was GGH. His handwriting is like a small boy. hahah...
And my colleagues was so kind to celebrate for me. When I cut the cake it's actually a rainbow cake! hahahaha... he knows I like rainbow cake. Not because it's nice to eat, but it makes me happy. :)
The cake was so huge that we had problem finish distributing them. But finally can lah.
Then when he finally texted me back, he ask me why I no leave for him? -.-"""
Too late. Haha... cause I actually texted him when I received the cake, and exclaimed what did he want me to do with such huge cake?! haha...
Although really happy of his gesture, was slightly sad cause I wanted to send him a cake on his birthday, and now, he stole my idea. ARGH. Now must think so something else.
The next day, we both took leave for my birthday. But we met only in the afternoon.
I was quite worried as these days has been raining and there goes my picnic if it rains.
When I reached ard 12plus at vivo, it was actually drizzling...
But when I met the boy at 2plus pm, it stopped raining!
I proudly  told GGH, see! God knows I'm out to play, so he will shift the clouds away!
Enjoying our ice cream after walking to siloso beach and back to beach station cause he decided to Tanjong Beach. -.-"" It's far.

Layed our baby colours mat out and he brought such colourful snacks! Makes it so pretty and happy. :)
In case you didn't know, I love picnics actually.

Something rare that I see - Him reading a storybook. wow. hahha...
He's a nua person, so I never really believe he reads. hahaha.
It felt really great to be in a touristy place on a weekday where it is less crowded and many were non-Singaporeans.

GGH gladly did poses that I requested. Birthday privilege. hehe.

After a short swim... miss my boracay trip where the waters were so clear.

Shortly, we packed and he bought tickets to play at Luge ride.
Fun! Long time never play at Sentosa liao. If you are scared of heights maybe this is not for you cause when you go up, it's like sitting on a swing, and using the cable car line to go up.
No walls and your feet are hanging in the air.
Thereafter, he said there's another activity- Wings of Time!!!
Trigger happy! Our first date was actually here. But it was Songs of the Sea that time. Only recently, they changed to Wings of Time after so many donkey years, and I was quite upset over it. hahaha..
Didn't have much time to eat dinner, so I opted for Macdonalds.

The Wings of Time has much more advanced technology displays but I felt it was much less meaningful than the previous one.
Went home to open my gift, and he bought such a cute pig piggy bank!
Now I have two cute pigs. One this, another one, him. hehe. He's really a pig by year.
And he chose this colour cause it's a "Tiffany" colour. It really put what I teach him to good use. He didn't know what's a Tiffany colour when others talk about it.  

Thank you for taking time off to spend a simple day out with me, and always doing things that I didn't expect you would do.
I no longer believe in forever, but I have learnt to trust you wholeheartedly.
So I quote from The fault in our stars,
Some infinities are bigger than other infinites. I'm grateful for our little infinity.
Thank you for loving me when I have so much imperfections.

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