Friday, August 15, 2014

My 28th: Month round celebration 3

Back date to last Friday, I met up with the girls for dinner. And it's at Ssikkek Korean grill BBQ at Oriental Plaza. Yuez warned me that we will stink badly once we go in... and... it was true. hahaa...
We got there around 6.30pm and was told that we could only eat till 8pm. So, apparently, although is 2 hrs eating time, there is a time slot: 6-8pm, then 8-10pm.
I think this is new, cause linx was mentioning last time was 2hrs starts only when you enter.
Anyway, we ate finished earlier than that lah..
Craving for BBQ~~~

After the stinking session, we walked down to The Central and settled for Starbucks as they were having $4.90 promotion for Venti sized coffee! Super worth it.

And opening presents time! They bought 2 huge presents and told me to guess. And best still, I had to carry back home with 2 huge plastic bag?! I ended cabbing home .. hehe..
And to my surprise.... I got 2 wonderful gifts! So useable ... for them... cause i'm supposed to bake for them....
I got a hand mixer and the original dispenser!!! Casually mentioned to them the last round we met that I was searching for a dispenser but didn't wanna buy the real thing cause it's quite expensive for storing cereals... and they got one for me!!! And it's not fake - it's the real deal!!!!
Love them deep deep lah!!!!

And the bought a pair of Brown & Cony for me... for I dunno why too... hahhaa
But they are so sweet!

So, I promise them that I will bake them a cake for their bday!!! Now, time for me to resume my baking! And I have more time to spare now cause I passed my exams!!!
I have officially graduated and able to get my CPA!!!!
So, no more exams!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
I'm sure Yuez will say, woah like finally no more studying... hehehe
But yeah, really, nothing to study liao except maybe occasionally training and short programmes.
Have no plans to do MBA now so.... *shift behind the back of my mind*
But I also keep thinking to myself... what am I supposed to do now. haha...
feel kinda lost not studying... like just passing your time your life away...
Oh well, I shall find something to keep me occupied!!!
Okay, enjoy your weekend guys! and something to cheer myself up this weekend :)
Super love this video.. :):):)

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