Sunday, August 03, 2014

Mrs. Pho

On Friday, we went on a simple dinner date.
So, decided to bring him to a new place that was recommended by Carole, my new friend in Nestle.
And, I was craving for Vietnam food after trying the horrible one at Bedok Mall, think it's called Pho House.
Mrs. Pho
349 Beach Road
It's opposite Concourse. And very convenient by train, 5 min walk from Nicoll Highway.
The deco is very simple and not fanciful at all.
The prices are quite affordable, $7.90 for a simple bowl of noodle soup.

The shy boy.

I ordered the Special beef combination noodle soup $8.90.
Came with a small bowl of egg soup. Nice!
The soup broth tasted authentic and light. Way better than Pho House.
But I think nam nam taste better though. Maybe because it is more flavourful.

The Hanoi Meat Balls $3.00.
Most expensive item on the table.
4 small balls but $3?!
I didn't really like it cause I find it too oily.
But the meat and sauce is really good. If only they cut down on the oil..

GGH's Rice with pork chop, viet ham and fried egg.
It looked super normal that I didn't even try except for the sauce.
The sauce is sedap though.

I would say this is value for money and simple fare, something I would come back for if I was craving for Vietnam food and if I didn't want to queue for Nam Nam.
My 2nd favourite Vietnam food now. :)
It's hard to find good Vietnam food okay...
Anyway, since it was early, we toured around the kampong glam area because it's been a long time since I last went, and it's quite happening during evening. I'm surprised that there were so many food area and it's like a small Clarke quay by itself. Lots of drinking place.
Chanced upon a colourful wall and did a shot.
Happy Friday!

It's the month of August already!
And next week, I'm turning 28!
So fast hor...
I'm depreciating........ x_x

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