Thursday, August 07, 2014

My 28th Speech

Happy 28th to myself.

This 28th, I woke up and reflected on what  I have achieved over my past 28 years.
Nothing fantastic. ok, does owning a house count?

Yeap, I thought hard. Nothing big. But, how about the small little things?
Oh hell yeah.
I survived without any revisits to hospital, I'm fighting hard to earn my keep, pay my debts, and while taking more time off for my "me-time" and doing things I like.

I, praising myself, patted myself for having grown up spiritually, seeking God's word, being happier a lot more, overcoming difficult obstacles that have come.

However, nobody's perfect. And me, far from perfect.
I'll continue to learn to be happy, try not to get bothered over unsightly matters, and see things with an open heart.

Someone told me, there's this guy who grew up with average results, and being brought up by a single parent, his mum had an eye surgery when he was a child. Because of a careless act by a doctor, his mum became blind.
Since then, he became the eyes of his mum. Shortly after, his mum passed away and he never got a chance to visit the zoo after his PSLE (that was supposedly his gift).
Cut things short, he went through tough periods but realised his passion of teaching. He studied hard and managed to get MOE scholarship to teach, even though his results could get him into business etc. He wanted to do something meaningful in his life.
Even when he was poor, he saw a poor old man begging for food, he saved his money and ate bread to treat the poor man a Macdonald's meal. So, be thankful and appreciative of what you have.
What's even amazing was, his mum didn't sue the doctor even though potentially, they would have gotten financial return, and would not be so poor.
But his mum told him, because the doctor is a new doctor, by suing him, there goes his license.

Life, it's how you decide how you want to lead. But remember, every actions has its consequences.
Be thankful, kind and gracious.

I may not be able to achieve that kind heartedness, but definitely, I'll do what I can in my own way, even if it just means donating a dollar to an poor old man.

That story, is a real life story in Singapore by the way. Told by my Godma :)

Thank you all for reading such a wordy post if you have reached here....

Last but not least, I'm really thankful for the real friends I have out there. You know who you are. :)
and... of course, the silly boy who never reads this and minds his own business. :)

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