Sunday, December 22, 2013

Before I go to Paradise :)

Hihi!!! In a happy mood because I'll be going away to Boracay tomorrow for 5 days!!! Whoohoo!!!

Just great! Friday was also a great day for us because we were given each an iPad mini with Retina 32G! This is because on Friday, we officially hit $100M sales and having $100M sales with only a 5M++ population is an amazing achievement! I think our flag will be flying in US Abbott Park office. :)
Total of 100 iPad was given out that day. And behind it, it engraved "Abbott Nutrition Singapore" "Stronger, Faster, Higher" - our motto for this year.

 On the same day itself, it was my dasao's brother's wedding and this is the first "qing jia" wedding in our family. The family is vegetarian so the whole wedding is served the same at Quality Hotel.

My mum, 2nd bro with baby Velda. Missing my dad and eldest.

The food was so so only... :( didn't really eat much...

Anyway, the next day I went on a quick date with GGH. Because my dasao had 2 gold class tickets to redeem and expires 31st December, we managed to book Saturday's slot. We actually wanted to book last week but all fully booked. I think Singaporeans are getting richer man. Willing to spend $36 per ticket to watch movie... ALL Katong and Vivocity slots were FULLY BOOKED for WHOLE DAY!!!
So... I became smarter, I waited till Tuesday's afternoon when they update their website on the timing, and I straight away go buy. hahaha... In not cannot get good seats!!!! Don't say I kiasu!

A super forced smile. *roll eye*
 Honestly speaking, Gold Class seats are really comfortable. The seats can be reclined, with leg rest, and there's comfy blanket provided! The seat is spacious too! And the side seats are slanted to face the screen.
However, I will not pay for $36 for a ticket still. haha... it's just too ex!
Thanks to my dasao, I enjoyed by 3 hrs of movie. :) (purposely choose this show cause the longest movie right now). :)

Ever since I finished my studies, besides work, I think I got nothing to do but go gym and read books.
I think I have alot of time recently esp now, holidays.
And I even have time to paint my nails!!!
So, I have been spending my free day day dreaming on what I should do. haha...
Well, I'm kinda tired of Finance already. And I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of doing something myself, but my juices aren't flowing. Can probably think of online blogshops (but they are like everywhere), or doing tuition business.
These two are ideas that I don't mind trying, and they are low cost to begin with. But I don't know if I should try.
Blogshops - I don't know where to source. And given that the whole market is flooded with them right now, I don't know if it's profitable anymore.
Tuition business - I still do enjoy teaching. Trust me, I do. I like the sense of achievement and in a way, it's like giving back to the society, bringing up the future kids. That aside, tuition business is also quite flooded...
Haiz. I just know I need to start doing something because I'm in huge debt because of this house. Shall do Boracay and do some thinking. :)
Any thoughts?

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