Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chill, it's christmas soon!

Last Thursday, I claimed my off days to relax and do some shopping in town!
Got GGH to take his off too since he has more offs than me.

Met up for Brunch at Cafe Melba
It's located at 90 Goodman Road,
Goodman Art Centre
Blk N

It's slightly off the way if you are taking public transport but it's just a short walk from Mountbatten Circle line.

As I wanted, the place was quiet cause it's early and it's weekday! Love to sit and slowly dine in peace.
We ordered the one of the light bites: pizza bread basket with home made dips
I like the pizza by itself. it's thin sliced, and soft. We were surprised by the portion of it. Light bites but 8 huge pieces???
Didn't really know how to enjoy the dips because it's oil based.

We ordered one of their Brekkie: Full Melba cooked breakfast. What's brunch without such food?!
Occasionally, I like eating angmoh style of breakfast. :)
But sad to say, this isn't really fantastic. The sausage were salty, bacon too. The best was the mushroom.
So far, I like Wild Honey breakfast. Would love to go back there again.

Their truffle fries is good though. haha. Plus points for them.
But of course, it's too huge a portion and we ended up being unable to finish all of them.
Blame the light bites. LIGHT???

After that, we went to Marina Square to catch a movie, Everybody's business. Soso only. Not as good as the previous movies. :(
Walked around the atruim and took christmas pictures!!! They have this super cool screen where you stand in front of the christmas tree, you can sort of take picture with the images of the screen which has polar bear swimming. I think it's supposed to be 3D effect? Too bad I didn't bring camera out. The phone captures the screen's grids so not very nice in pictures.

Our first Christmas pic! :)
 After that, we went for a spa at Amarin Spa located at Marina Mandarin Hotel. Bought this on Groupon at a cheap price. :)
Both of us did Swedish massage which is relaxing instead of the Thai massage.
Quite shiok cause very long didn't do massage.

They served us ginger tea in their lounge area. Of course, as expected, they would introduce their services that they provide and packages available. Expect this when you purchase services from online vouchers.
I enjoyed the 1hr 15min spa and it really was relaxing, but sorry, no money to buy such packages. haha.

 Continued shopping at marina square to city hall before eating one of my favourite vietnam eatery, Namnam.
I tried the Flower Crab Noodle soup. It's supposed to be spicier than the normal, but to me it's sweet... Like those chilli crab which is sweet. hahaa... I prefer the original soup base rather than this. And why I like here is because their soup is good, and alot!!!! Full bowl of soup. :):):)

Looking forward to another weekday off day where it's less crowded and you get to just slow down the pace of everything..... :)

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