Sunday, December 15, 2013


My first Thai club experience @ Neverland Orchard Plaza

After much discussion from whatsapp, we finally meet up for a Tahi club experience. The girls gave in to my requests. haha...
If I'm not wrong, this is also our first time going to a club together.
We wanted to go Sonar but it was full, so went to Neverland instead.
Thankfully, there was JinHui who joined us cause he's familar with Thai clubs. haha...
His friend joined us too cause it was his birthday.

Opened two bottles.. which I never do this with my colleagues cause we also go dance only.
Drinkers are far and few between among my group of friends.
Amazingly, the two guys finished and left like 1/4 of it. Power.

The difference between a Thai pub and normal clubbing is that they have session of "catwalks" on stage.
First was the girls who acccompany you to drink, second, girls who dance, and lastly was the Korean girls.
So every segment, they will catwalk and see if people got give them flowers or not. The cheapest is $20 and biggest... no limit? lol.. i dunno. I witnessed a $1,000 garland. Guys.... can really spend on such stuffs. *roll eyes*
Overall, it was an eye opener, but I would prefer normal clubbing cause it has dance floor, and if I were to go such places, dance is more important than seeing such shows and drinking.
But then again, that's my personal opinion. :)

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