Saturday, December 07, 2013

Vain Pot - Face Mask + Etude CC Cream

Gonna do something unusual here. Talking about products that I used.
Why? Cause firstly, nothing much to do .. haha...
and secondly, of course to share and note to self reminders. :)

So, did tried this new face mask on the shelf of Watsons. Bought it during the sale (was having 1 for 1), so decided to give it a try.

I used to use just Neutrogena cause it fits me best and i think it's not very watery. Then came Face Shop cause my brother buys a whole bunch when he's there. So, just make do.

Running low, so just tried this. Sadly, too watery and the mask is too big for my face. And it feels a sticky feeling thereafter. So,... nah. Personal feel - Don't get this.

On the good side, I decided to try a new CC Cream, my very first CC cream, at Etude House.
Heard lots of reviews about this, so decided to try it.
The cream is white in colour, but when you apply on it, it dissolves underneath your skin. Not whit-ish look.
Love this, cause it leaves a glowy look, give you a bright look. :)
Definitely helps when you are looking tired.. lol..
Am using #02 which is meant for drier skin. #01 is for normal skin combination.

Can try this! :)

Now, what shall I do.... oh ya. figure what I want for christmas.

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