Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

So, this is the last of 2013. Time flies isn't it? But then again, I think every year I say the same thing - Time flies.

A reflection of what happened over this year:

Company trip to Taiwan
Got attached to mr. sunshine
Had an operation and upped my insurance even further
Learn that life isn't just about working after realising I had an illness
Had 2 trips with my dearest RSVP - Bangkok & Penang
mr. sunshine treated me to beach vacations - Krabi, Bintan & Boracay ...which...
I dared a cliff jump 15m high :)
Took some time to learn baking
Moved in this new house but still HDB haven settle yet (roll eye)
Completed ACCA (well, pending final results)
Promoted as an Accountant early this year
Took on major projects for Inventory & Tax

Basically, I think that's it? Well, I think I did good in 2013.. .except maybe the housing isn't settled. and I'm still desperately saving up to pay off debts.

Mostly importantly, I think health is my take away for 2013. Well, things happen then u learn from the lessons right?
Seriously, I urge every one to do a yearly checkup because some things cannot be seen through naked eyes. And only when you do such checks then at least it gives u a comfort feeling that everything's alright.
I had already spent a substantial amount for insurance but I still upped this year because of what happened.
Insurance, if you haven got one, please go get at least a life insurance. Thats the basic.

Through this shocking news I had, it made me think about what I have been doing for the past few years ever since I began working. Working to me, ya, I'm a workholic. Friends around me knows that. Colleagues know that too, and they say my temper has gradually showing and I always have that gloomy face. But to defend this, when I don't laugh, I have a straight face! Don't expect me to keep smiling right?! And when I'm thinking, my face is serious, so bo pian if my face always gloomy. haha..

I began taking things slow, of course, I made sure I complete my task, but I also learnt how to reject people. How to not add things on my plate.
I then made sure I have some "me" time alone doing things I enjoy such as going gym, taking dance classes, leisurely reading my book while having a cuppa. Yup, I have been doing these after the incident.
I made sure I have time for my loved ones, my family, and making sure I go home at least once a week to eat dinner with my dad. Scheduling time with RSVP and 4F, and of course mr. sunshine.
I learnt to let go of things at work when it's shitty, and not be too bothered about it.

Mr. Sunshine has also been very supportive of me, constantly making sure my health is at check. The weird thing is that our relationship, although just started, isn't like those "re lian" honeymoon period where couples always meet everyday and go out everyday. We don't. We took things very slow, but he still make it a point to spend quality time together at least once a week. Be it just a dinner or movie.
I'm grateful for him being patient with me, and cheering me up when shit happens, sticking by me during my downest moment and taking care of me. He isn't bothered about what other people say, doesn't gossip, which sometimes I feel he got a "bo chap" attitude. haha... but that's the good side of him. That's probably why he's always so cheerful.

When you are at the lowest point, you will know who are the real friends.
And I wanna take this time to thank people who stick through my 2013. My illness may not be completely gone forever, but I will look at things positively. :)

To my RSVP girls, for all the gossips and rubbish talks, and keeping secrets for me, I wish our friendship will be lasting as ever. Oh, of course, and for all the drama shows that all of you keep updating me. haha.

To my 4F peeps, you guys never fail to make me roll eye at stuffs that you guys talk about. lol. And this is the group where I learnt all the high street brands. hahaha... you guys rocks!

And to a special person, my mentor, and an elder sister to me, you guided me and groomed me professionally and gave me insights to the outside world. The interest we share, from cycling and baking sessions, it's amazing that we can click so much. Thank you, Irene.

And finally, my family and godparents, needless to say. :)

Well, I think this has gotten to a very long post, so I shall stop here.

I hope 2014 will be smooth sailing and wonderful lessons to learn.
Goodbye 2013 and bring it on 2014!!!!
Let's have a fantastic 2014 everyone! :):):) *Hugs & kisses*

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