Thursday, December 05, 2013

Glimpse of November

Had a atas dim sum at Royal China at Raffles Hotel for my Dad's birthday.
Had to book early as they only serve 2 seatings during weekends.
The first was 11-12.45pm; second seating was 1-3pm (i think). We took the early one because of the kids.
It was a huge group and i'm surprised that the table can comfortably fit 11 adults plus 2 baby chairs. haha...

We were so hungry, or rather I was, ordered so many that we couldn't finish.. didn't take any photos because every thing were like super fast, and we all just couldn't wait cause we were all hungry. hehe.

The food was actually... soso only.. not as good as I would expect. Probably won't go back anytime soon.
Of course, it is atas la. Love the Tiffany colour.

Can't remember when it was, but GGH and I went to Orchard for a quick walk. And I love the Orchard Central decos!!! So pretty!!!!! But there were lots of people taking pictures so we skipped the idea...
 I realise.. I don't take alot of pictures with him... haha...

Just before my exam, I went for a haircut!!!!!! Tadah!!!! Short right... I kinda like it cause it's been a long time since I cut so short, and it's refreshing!!!! :) I look like 16 right??!!!! lol....

So fast, December is here... Time for a closure of this year... and a new fresh start.
Many things are still unresolved... and still worries until the day everything is settled. But nothing much I can do... so just gonna be patient and stay happy.
I hope the true happiness without any worry will come soon.

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