Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xcape Christmas

The first christmas gift exchange for 2013. Haha.. it's super early this year because of each other's schedules, off days, and my trip in december.
So, we met up on Friday the 13th!

Went for dimple dinner at Ajisen before heading the TCC near Purvis cause we booked a game at 2330hrs to play again!!! More details later.

Now, the gift exchange. When we met up for the November girls bday, we chose our Angels and thereafter we can post what we wanted so that our Santa can go fulfill our wishes.
We started off playing guess the number so see who goes first.

Sylvia first, and her angel was Linx. The wrap was soo cute and with effort!!!
If it was me, it wouldn't be like this. lol...

We asked JH to guess what isit .. and there was alot of laughter.,, totally forgot what was it about but damn funny..

Tada!!! Linx's christmas wish. Taiwan dollar! cause she's going to Taiwan for countdown. Stunned JH. lol.

Then came my turn!!! Obviously, when JH peeked into the bag, he knew it was for me.. hahaha....
Duh. -.-""
Thanks Linx!!!! :):):)

Then came my turn... my angel was Yuez... and she got this!!!!

Hahaha... well, her gift was actually an Ipad 2 casing .. and I bought it on Qoo10, and it still haven arrived!!! So... the little forever friend card is a starter for her gift. Main course will come soon okie... ?

Last was Sylvia, who received her gift which is a skipping rope. It's not the normal skipping rope wor. It has a weight ball which replaces the string. Which means you skip using the momentum. No physical rope to jump.
Let us know if it works!

Sylvia bought a gift for our plus one. hahhaa... Love this picture. cause can see his teeth. hahaha...

So I force him to take another one with me. even though i didn't get any pressie for him... sorry.. ::(

His gift... the lego is soooo small... he has a super hard time fixing them... lol.... I wonder if the final display be out to let us see... lol...

A gift from Sylvia... :):) personalised name wristlet for all of us.

And then, came the highlight of the night. We booked a different place called Xcape located at Purvis street.
And I noticed all such game places is hiding at those discret places cause it's so easy to walk past and not detect their shop front!!!!
We played the Chamber of Secrets.

I shall not reveal any hints or answer but just to share, this place is so much more fun cause it has those mezzanine hideouts, and it leads you to another mini room.
We were so much better than the first time we went, and managed to solve most of the clues given. And we only used 1 helpline!!! Kudos!
However, we were soo close to solving, and left last clue to uncrack. If only there were more time.
But nonetheless, I think we were great!!!!

Really enjoyed myself and we made a great team!!! Let's try another one soon!

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