Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Day 1 of 2014

Hello 2014!
Went to Marina Bay to watch countdown with mr. sunshine after having steamboat dinner with Ed & Karin. Ed wasn't feeling well so decided to skip the countdown. So we just went ahead ourselves since we were there. As usual, super jam packed.
But it was great to be there with everyone counting down together.

Day 1 of 2014, I went to gym despite having not recovered from flu and sore throat. But still, it's a great start.
Took my own time to clean up my room, getting ready to chiong for next 6 days of closing. This Jan 2014 is packed with lots of activities. First weekend is considered a work day for all Abbott Finance.
2nd weekend is our kick-off meeting at Sentosa from 10-12 Jan.
Following week is my eldest brother, Mum, and Velda's birthday! Think from now on, the focus will be little Velda's birthday. haha.. And lastly, it will be CNY already!!! Time will still equally fly past very fast!

So live life as you want it to be! Ok, or maybe try your best okie? :)

I'm hopeful for 2014, and I hope it stays this way!

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