Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition & Equinox

And so, why I was so busy last week? Because my colleagues and I planned a trip to 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition! Super excited!!! Actually, these tickets were a christmas gift for one of my colleague. So she brought us there! :)

Really excited because just months ago, I happened to see this on TV documentary on how they sculpt them in Harbin China. And, it's so cool that when I knew they were here in Singapore, I had to come!
Too bad GGH wasn't interested, so I decided to go with the rest of my Abbott kakis!

The ticket is quite expensive - $32 (before 10% discount for Mastercard). On top of that, if you are lazy to bring your winter clothing, you can rent there at $5, comes with free gloves.

This exhibition features ice art of many international land marks. Of course, the first one that greeted us when we entered was SINGAPORE MERLION! 
The picture doesn't look very nice, but everything inside is ICE!!! Damn cool! Just so amazing. 

Singapore flyer!

My favourite - France Eiffel Tower!!! Super love!

Many of the pictures we took was kinda blur because at this time, we were really getting cold even though we wrapped like dumpling. This is like just 5minutes after we went in.

The slide!!!! This, I think, is the highlight of the exhibition. You get to play the slide made of ICE!!!

There's this guy on top who uses all his effort to spin us down. haha... I kinda "flew" in the middle of the slide. Had so much fun!

Chue chue who initially didn't want to play cause she saw that guy who turn the rest so vigorously. I forced her into it. haha

The grand looking Dragon Wall in China.

Totally dunno what this is. Forgot to see the description. hehe.

Next, we went to 2 Degree Ice Bar which is next door. This is separate entrance from the one above.
This is where you can drink/ eat inside the cold room, and thereafter can smash the ice beer cup once you are done! Cool eh?!

In the afternoon, there's 1-for-1 for beer so worth to go. I opted for lime juice... didn't wanna drink beer at 3pm. hahaha.

Inside the "bar". You can choose to have your drink outside (normal air con), or come inside (they provide coats).
All the tables and chairs are made of ice, with just a cushion for the seats.
If you see below, the little house looking shape, that's where you smash your ice cups.

The ice cold cup, made of ice.

Esther & Chue chue's beer. Yes, they drink from the ice cup. Brrr....
I tried, my lips couldn't take it for long... haha..

My lime juice with straw. heng ah..

Cute hor?!

A group photo of us. Good shot.
GGH saw this, call us - The bathrobe girls. LOL.

Overall experience:
The exhibition itself was an eye opener for me who haven't experience winter, and of course, I do appreciate the ice sculptures and the one behind all these works.
However, the ticket price is too pricey because the exhibition is only a 15min walk.
I think the high ticket price is because they have high maintenance cost to keep the ice frozen.
If you are unwilling to pay the high ticket price, you can opt to just go for drink/food just for the experience being in cold country.
At least whatever you are paying, you are getting something (food/ drink).

The place is VERY VERY COLD. I was basically starting to freeze 10minutes after I went in, and 20min, I couldn't feel my nose and my fingertips.
Inside the ice bar, Sylvia & I walked in/out of the room in between the drinks because it was too cold to stay inside.
We couldn't feel our feet. But maybe because both of us were wearing pump shoes while Esther and chue chue were wearing sports shoe.
The aftermath - The next day I went to work, my cheeks were reddish and they said it's frostbite because like rashes and white spots. Until now, my cheeks still feel very dry even though I slapped on moisturizer every day.
Nonetheless, it's totally worth to go, in my opinion.
P/S: The ice bar serves congee. I think it's gonna be so shiok. haha...

After our event, we went for high tea at Equinox! Sat by the window. Beautiful scenery!!!
By then, my hp battery was going to be flat so this was the only picture I took. haha..
Recommendation: The laksa is good!!!!
The prata was surprising good too even though it looks thick.
They serve TWG tea. The down side is that the buffet is only from 3.30 - 5pm. So not enough time. haha 
There's 15% discount now for DBS/POSB card members.

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