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Travelogue Boracay - December 23rd - 27th 2013 (Day 4-5)

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Here's the last leg of my Boracay trip, Day 4.
Today is a rest & relax day, as half of the group went diving in the morning. So the rest who didn't go diving, slept in later and did our own activities.
For me, I went to the Town Centre to send post. :) I have the habit of sending postcards since my Aussie trip because I thought it would be nice to have a mini souvenir from the country's local stamp. And of course, pretty post cards. :)

Thereafter, we walked down the stretch of beach again and did abit of shopping. Tried the crepes that looked pretty but it was actually so-so only.

GGH bought Havaianas slippers for both of us. :) It's cheaper to buy there. Mine cost $30+.

After that, we went for a dip in the pool.

After the rest were back from diving, we all headed for Puka Beach! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!
Peaceful and photo worthy! It's not alot of people so it's very good for relaxing.
Puka Beach is actually 20min ride from our hotel, and it's uphill. It's right at the corner of Boracay left.

Like the chinese movie "Na Xie Nian"

Love this pic. Happy moments. :) (minus the extra haha) 
I totally forgot about taking picture for our Day 4 dinner so... this marks the end of Day 4.
Day 5 was go home day. So we only had morning free time. So, both of us went to cover Bulabog Beach which is just behind our hotel. So basically, we pretty much covered all the beach in Boracay. haha.
Bulabog Beach is quite dirty.. we went in the morning which was after a heavy rain so i'm not sure if it's the tides that brought up the dirt or it's just dirty every morning. But we saw people cleaning up the beach.

Bulabog Beach is more famous for Kite surfing and more atas house ard here. This is where you can see sunrise. But you will have to get up early as their sunrise is like 5am. haha..

We headed back to pack our bags, check out, and have our last meal at White Beach.
We went to the famous REAL COFEE to have their Calamansi muffin.
It's a very small shop so you need to really keep your eyes on to find it. I cannot remember where. hehe.

The real deal - Calamansi Muffin

Our last group photo
This marks the end of the wonderful trip. Love this trip and love the beach!!! It's really one of the best beaches I've been to and I'm gonna miss it!

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