Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Went for a brunch last Saturday!
Finally got to check this out after so much hype.
This is ... actually not the front door. But you will see this first.
You will have to enter by the side door which has a "No Parking" sign. That's the entrance.

The simple menu. The coffee is an art to order. We totally didn't know how to order. And so we just randomly tried, and got it wrong. haha. We ordered the Brewed coffee but it doesn't have milk and sugar.
But the coffee is apparently quite popular lah.

The pistachio cranberry cake which is refreshing!

The HUAT breakfast! It was so-so only. The croissant is nice, but the sausage and eggs is very normal.
Not something I would go back there to eat again.

My companion who brought me here :)

After that, we went to City Square to walk around and shopped since it's nearby.
CNY decors are up already! Pretty!

The Kopitiam at City Square also had a renovation and across the kopitiam has shopping area that has many unique old school stuff! Nice to walk!

This is so old school! Now, made in carpet size!

After that we went to play arcade before heading home. So long never play this dance revolution, and I made him play with me! hahaha.. so cute :)

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