Saturday, January 18, 2014

January birthdays

January celebrations! This year, we have more people to join in the January birthdays.
Obviously, baby Velda is the highlight!!! Velda turns ONE!!!
We dine at Szechuan Court at Fairmont Hotel, and the food was good! Love the peking duck, the suan la soup, and the fried rice!!! Good quality, but pricey.  
As the parents were busy and me, busy closing too, we didn't manage to pre-order a cake for Velda, so we made do with Breadtalk Hello kitty cake. Lots of cream and it's tiramisu inside. Not very nice. haha.

The normal cake for the adults. haha.

All the January babies  (except Lucas, he's turning 2 next month).
Velda and my mum share the same date. :)

My family and 2nd sis-in-law family.  

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