Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

Finally got a time to blog away while waiting for dinner.
This year, my family decided to eat our Reunion dinner early than the Eve itself. Also, it's our first time eating outside!!!
Well, reason why is because my two brothers have their own family already, and often they have to go to 2 sides (abit paiseh if don't go). Not only that, my 2nd bro needs to help up in the evening as there will be many people going his house to pray and stick joss sticks.
So, we settled for last Sunday at NUSS Guild House.

The food was actually not bad! Quite good for such a ulu place. It's ulu to me cause I didn't know there's a Chinese Restaurant in Guild House. And, who would have thought of having dinner there??
But yes, cause my sis-in-law works there. She recommended. Surprisely, it was full house. haha.
Can go back next time again and try their normal dishes cause we took their set menu for CNY.

My first Lo Hei!!!! HUAT AH! Hopefully, this year brings good health & wealth!

We were too hungry that I just ate without taking any pics. haha.. cause we had to wait for my bro like 30min. Starving by then.

We also took this chance to celebrate Baby Lucas's Birthday who's turning 2 this Feb 5th!!!
Seeing him grow up, time really passes so fast that if you miss seeing him for a month, you probably missed out alot in his growing up stage.
Like now, he knows how to "Gong xi gong xi" and stretch out his hands!!!

Sesame Street birthday Cake! Isn't it nice?!?! It's from Pine Garden. And they have very good cakes. I personally like the Lychee Martini. Go try it!

So excited when we were singing birthday song. He loves to clap.. haha

The way he blow his birthday cake. Not looking at the cake. haha.

Well, enjoy this CNY well and HUAT AH!

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