Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kick Off Meeting @ Resorts World

Even though we hit our Plan numbers, we weren't allowed to go overseas due to Area saying budget cut. So... We ended up at Resorts World Sentosa.

The kick off meeting was from 10-12 Jan 2014. Friday morning was our meeting before checking in in the afternoon. It was bad bad co-ordination. Not sure if was MCI problem or Festive problem. But I suspect it's Festive.
The thing is, we actually did indicate the number of people going (we could invite immediate family members to stay), but at the end, some of us didn't have extra bed.. like me. I had 3 person including me, but I had no bed. So, they switched me to another room. And the room was worst than this below.
This is apparently the newer one (at 8th floor) which is brighter and cleaner. But this room cannot add extra bed. WTF.
After a big whooha with several people who got affected, we finally settled down like at 5pm.

Festive Hotel review: 

Bad service. Some beds are not clean. Smell like Genting. Quality like Genting. No 5 star feel.
Breakfast was... UTTERLY BAD. Worst ever breakfast. No much spread and not nice at all. I think I cook nicer.  
Will not stay there again for such a price. I think it cost about $350++.

After playing awhile of blackjack, it was time to go for our dinner which is at Universal Studios Singapore!
They open just for us. :)
Love this board. Very nice.

The red carpet inviting us in.

There was a pre-cocktail event at the threatre before the actual dinner. And they hired sesame street to hang around just for our event. Family members were invited for the dinner as well, so that's why I think they hired them cause got alot of kids.
In addition, the also extended the spielberg show for us.

And the dinner begins! Right in the middle of USS!! It's amazing. hahaha...
Side tracking...  
I think they spent alot of this event since we couldn't go overseas. So comfort abit lah. haha.
Not only they spent alot on this dinner, we also did receive RWS dining vouchers for $100 per person you have. Which means, I registered for 2 person, I have a total of $300!!! Imagine we have about 100 employees for ANI, that's a whooping $30,000!!! Just on vouchers!
Also, all registered person have free entrance tickets to what you have previously chose on the activites for Saturday. There were USS tickets, Aquarium, Adventure Cove. Imagine those tickets mutliply by the numbers of employees + kids + spouse. *sweat*

Overall, dinner was slightly better than lunch at Festive. But still, not worth paying.
Had buffet and also Spot award and achievement presentation. Whole event ended at 11pm.

The Stage

                                           Sweet GGH gave me this in the middle of the dinner.

The next day, my brother and sis-in-law came for swimming with baby Velda before heading to USS. Yes, I brought them cause it's Velda's birthday, and my eldest bro recently also already went to RWS as well. And, I also gave them the USS tickets. haha... I nua-ed at the hotel, swimmed, gym-ed, and people watch at Starbucks. Good life. haha. And I gave half of my vouchers to them to spend!!!! There goes my $150 :(:(
But oh well, I think Velda had a great time there so it's okay! :)


At night, we surprise Esther which happens to be on 12th Jan!!! She's leaving us this Feb... sobs...
She's my qing ai de in office. :)

That sums up my kickoff meeting :) Oh ya, we have officially moved to IFO - International Finance Organisation. We no longer belong to ANI already. hahaha. dunno good or bad.

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