Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Travelogue Boracay - Reviews

Hotel Review

I think I did a review in my first post. But whatever, i'll just do a proper one here.
Stayed at Patio Pacific Hotel near Station 2.
It's about 10-15min slow walk to the main D'Mall shopping area.

As you can see below, it is very basic setup and the bed is not as good and firm.
You can feel the spring when you sleep.

Our view from our main door. Yup, isn't very fantastic. haha..

The Garden Cafe - breakfast area. The breakfast is very simple, and it changes daily. Only thing that didn't change was the omelette station. 
The setup when walking towards the swimming pool.

Activity Prices

Prices!!! How not to get cheated in Boracay!
Yes, they will double or even triple the prices, so this is the local rate.
Do your research before you go, and hopefully you chance upon my blog. hahaha.
Good luck and have fun!!!
P/S: Worth to try is Parasailing when sunset which I totally regret not doing. :(

Last but not least, you may always ask me and I'll try to help!!! :):):)

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