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Travelogue Boracay 23rd - 27th December 2013 (Day 3)

Ah. Back to my Boracay trip. This has been sitting in my draft post for about a week or so already. Year end closing is causing this is delay! But nonetheless, better late than never eh?

So Day 3 WAS the highlight of the trip - ARIEL'S POINT!
The price we paid was PHP1,600 per person. This package includes: (obviously) cliff jumping, kayaking, snorkelling, BBQ lunch, tea time snacks, and full flow drinks once you are on board the boat to Ariel's Point!The day begins at arriving at Ariel's Point Resort which is located near Station 1, very near to the Jonah's Shake, at ard 10am, before heading out for 30min ride before reaching the actual place. The day will end ard 4.30pm where you will take the boat back while watching the sun set.

Ariel's Point

My 5metre attempt. The Ariel's Point has 3 different jumping boards, lowest is 5m, then 10m, and highest 15m. You are advised to start jumping from the lowest one before moving up.
My advice: Do not stand at the board for too long. The more you hesitate, the more you will be scared to jump. Just walk off the board. I'm serious. haha.
Another advise, please please jump straight in, try your best not to bend your body cause you will get hurt very badly. You will get bruises, bad bruises, which I did when I jumped 10m. Ouch. Serious ouch.
Proof below. :( 

Me looking down thinking hard if I should jump. haha
Simple BBQ lunch.

Snorkelling. The beach is super clear, and has good view of beatiful corals and school of fishes. Boracay is definitely one of the best places to snorkel. :)

The big boat
Another advise: When returning back to shore, go early and chop seats on the upper deck. They limit the number of people on the upper deck so better go up the boat when they ask.
Why? Because, firstly the wind is good, and you get to view the sunset and of course, take pictures!

We ended the day with us settling for Shakey's Pizza. No photos because too hungry. haha... only got leftovers. But it's good. Better than Pizza Hut. haha.

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