Sunday, January 19, 2014

The start of growing sideways

My first 2014 steamboat happened last Friday night. 1hr30min of non-stop eating. OVERLOAD!!!
We went to Yuez house to eat steamboat, which is very suitable for these few days' weather. Windy these days, eating just feels so shiok. As I'm typing away, I'm still craving for steamboat. hahaha...

While waiting for the pot to boil, we ate french fries cause we were too hungry.. lol.
Also, NEVER BUY PORKY brand of sliced pork. Not nice. nono.

We, no, they started their paparazzi session until like 2am.... what girls can do when they get together. lol.
Crazy stuff. But, cannot deny, they are quite good. haha.

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