Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Taiwan Day 6: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan

Day 6, was a great morning because we managed to see sunrise!
Like finally, the clouds cleared.
We walked out to the Pier and camped there. Cold breeze and seeing the round ball slowly coming up, and the best is, the backdrop is mountain view! AMAZING!

Mr. cool....

After sunrise, we made our way to the bus station to catch our bus to Alishan.
It's a mini bus, so do get your tickets 1 day before otherwise, you might have no seats if you buy on the spot. The journey was ard 3.5 hrs.  

Along the way, there were couple of sightseeing pitstops for us. One was the famous Plum factory. Plaum is very very popular in Sun Moon Lake, or in Taiwan. With rice wine as well...
But definitely no interest in plums.....

Along the way, the weather was good with the clouds all gone, you can actually see beautiful landscapes while driving. Because Alishan is higher than Sun Moon Lake, driving upwards round the mountainous area gives you a good view of the mountains.

One of their attraction, Fiqu Tree.

Tataka Visitor Center, the place where you can catch a glimpse of Mount Jade.

After a long winding journey, we finally reached Alishan. The bus ride for me wasn't quite good, so I was quiet and stoning when I arrived. The temperature dropped slightly from Sun Moon Lake, which is naturally, cause higher up the mountains. So, here am I stoning...

After lunch, we headed to take the Alishan Train to go inside the Forest Area.
You definitely have to take. It's like an icon and so historic!

This is the timing of the train if you wanna catch the sunrise. The place is at Zhu San.
Damn early. And because we are staying slightly further away from the main Recreation Area, it will take an hour to reach here and another hour to reach Zhu San.
Obviously, we gave it a miss.

The train's door is shorter than the boy. Opps!

The many long old trees in the forest area. The air is also very different. Apparently many uncles aunties come here to breathe the air which these trees emit a special type of oxygen? The chinese too chim for me to remember lah.

You can google and get maps of the Forest Area which is very standard so not to worry getting lost.
After finishing walking, when we arrived back, it suddenly rain and strong winds came. Plus, the temperature seemed to drop even further. Probably sunset already at 5pm?

It was so cold.... I swear.

This is actually the main entrace of the Alishan Forestry. We went to collect our baggage where we dropped it at the entrance. It's free and unguarded, so at your own risk ah.

So cold... we decided to take this free time (while waiting for the bus), to eat hot noodle! Shiok man.

We took the bus an hour away to our minsu! By the time we reached there it was around 6.30-7pm?
It was so misty that we couldn't see our minsu!!!! The fog could only get you 5metres view only!

Below was taken around 10pm where the mist went down.

Below is the information pasted on the minsu, providing time tables to town etc. It's useful but do prepare before hand lah. It's quite ulu but just pre-study well, you'll be fine. :)

Review of our minsu: 53.1

Why 53.1 right? I realised when I arrived. It's because the road name is 53.1km. Guess it's distance from town or something.
They only have 3 rooms, and it's damn spacious. It gets better everytime we move in this trip. haha..
So spacious that there also a sofa bed by the side.
Also, it's transparent glass window from floor to ceiling. This means, you can get up from your bed and watch the sunrise!!!! Wonderful...
Not only that, the owner does speak pretty good english. Mid age couple.
And.... they have HBD and Star Movies.. hehe.
Super recommended!!!

Very hotel style set up. :)

We didn't do much at night but to watch lots of movies. haha... Relaxation.

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