Sunday, March 09, 2014

i Light at Marina Bay 2014

Taking a break from Taiwan post cause it's very tedious! but I will pen it down. Give me some time yeah.
Plus, it's definitely worth to pen it down because I can reference it again when i'm heading back there! hee..

Anyway, friday after work, we had a mini date to Marina Bay.
For what?
i Light Marina Bay 2014 happening 7th March - 30th March in conjunction with Earth Hour Month.
So, Friday was actually the first day.
Actually, my main objective to go Pasarbella! They have mini stalls brought from the main Pasarbella at Turf.
But, sad to say, it wasn't what I was expecting. Nothing much to eat actually.
More stalls were selling drinks, and more for chill out.
So ... we ended up eating at MBS food court. haha...
And MBS food court is freaking expensive!!!!
$8 for Bah Chor Mee??!!! Not as if it's popular somemore....

Then after that, we toured around the area. There are many displays around Marina Bay so the best way to walk can be either starting from Esplanade-MBS-Fullerton or the other way round.
Some of them are quite interesting whereas some are just " that also can ah.."
Overall, I think it was just so-so only lah.
There are other fringe activities happening over the next few weekends so you can check their website to plan your weekend.

My personal favourite :)

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