Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taiwan Day 7: Alishan

Early morning, we took the Er Yan Ping Trail which is just outside our Homestay, 53.1.
That's one of the reason why we chose here as well.
This trail has a lot of steps, although it's like only a few km, because it's upwards, it's very tiring.
After this trip, maybe I can sign up for vertical marathon liao... What's 72 floors of steps?!

Our Homestay 53.1 dog (aka Xiao Hei), just followed us!
He is so seasoned!!! and going very fast. When we stopped to rest, he retreated back and waited for us.
Such a obedient and trained dog!

Along the way, you can see the all famous tea plantations here. After all, Alishan is famous for tea right...

We continued all the way up but sad to say it was still misty and couldn't take the scenery.
Er Yan Ping is actually a very nice place to come and take the scenery. It is 1650m above, and very good view to catch the sunset. Different seasons offer the uniqueness of the sunset, or so they say.

When we walked back, xiao hei was so smart, waited at a cross junction, and sort of telling us to follow him, taking another route instead of where we came from.
So, we decided to just follow him... and true enough he brought us to see the remains of some old Alishan market ...

ON THE GROUND????!!!!!

We reached back to our Homestay without being lost, all thanks to our fabulous guide dog.
Totally sweet xiao hei!!!

This is the dining area, with lots of drawings and thank yous.
MOST of them are all Singaporeans!!!
Apparently this place is famous for Singaporeans!

Our breakfast by the owners!!!

We rested for the rest of the morning before heading out to Fenchihu (奮起湖). Our owner is so nice to drive us there. :)
This is one of their attractions as well, with many hiking and walking trails.
However, we didn't do any of those but only went to walk the Old Street. hehe...

The Fenchihu Railway Station.
Very old fashioned train, with steamed locomotives, old engines.

Our start of the Old Street. It's not very huge so take your own time to walk. Enjoy the laziness afternoon here cause I see the old people sitting down sipping Alishan tea for hours.

But out first stop - The famous Alishan Fenchihu Hotel! For what?!
The authentic Fenchihu lunchbox!!!

Thick juicy pork chop and chicken drumstick! I finished all!!!!
Must try!!!!  Cost NT$240 for 2! Slightly expensive compared to others.

Shortly after it started raining heavily so we had to camp at 7-11 for a cup of coffee and nua there.
We also managed to write our postcards!
Thereafter, we strolled the rest of the street and bought some goodies back.

We bought another lunchbox for our dinner. Settled for this cause we saw many people were eating inside so we opted for this. NT$100 only!

We slowly made our way back to catch the 5pm bus back to our Homestay.

Our dinner!!! The lunchbox was nice as well, but I prefer the authentic one. Has 2 meat rather this one 1 meat, and this one not as tasty... but of course lah, still nice lah.

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