Saturday, March 15, 2014

Taiwan Day 5: Sun Moon Lake

So, where did I stay at Sun Moon Lake?

Of course, none other than Laurel Villa!

Review of Laurel Villa:

Laurel Villa is very popular, being highly recommended by Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet! 
And true to their recommendations, they are very well kept and hospitable! 

First, the reason why I chose this place is because I saw reviews that the owner actually brings the guest to watch sunrise at a good spot! But because of the weather now, many days we haven seen sunrise already. So, for now, no sunrise watching. 

The place is VERY CLEAN! And they are very particular when you lay your luggage, have to lay on top of a cloth that they provide. This is to prevent scratches on the wooden floor. 

Breakfast is good too, as usual. And the cool fact is, this is the only minsu, so far, that actually uses a Mac computer for registration. haha... cool man. 

It is also very convenient, having to just walk like 10 steps, you would have reached the Sun Moon Lake Pier already. Super thumbs up!!!!  

Before setting off for our day event, we had to go to the Service Station to buy bus tickets to Alishan.
Initially we got abit worried because the minsu owner actually told us that past few days, the bus to Alishan was suspended due to weather condition. Which means if it rains, no bus service to Alishan due to road safety. If that's the case, you will have to take a longer route = waste of time!!!

Thankfully, it didn't rain lah. But then..... i think it's not very good idea to go during their winter time. like that sure no bus service.

After buying the tickets, we headed to take the boat ride to Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村). 

The middle stop is at the Pagoda temple, where you can take a picture across which is the main SML centre. Love the weather that day cause it's so good to take pictures! Most of the clouds cleared up!

You will have to try this Ah Ma Tea Egg when you are there! It's really very fragrant and nice!
I'm not an egg lover, and esp. I don't eat boiled eggs. But i took a bite of the egg, it didn't have the egg taste!!! It is marinated with some mushroom thingy that covers the egg smell.


After that, we took the same boat and it went to our destination, Ita Thao Visitor Center.
This is the place to drop if you wanna go the Cultural Village.
Need to walk about 10-15min before reaching the cable car station and take a cable car over to the Cultural Village.

Our plan is to start from the last end of the cultural village, where the cable car is, and make it back by 5pm to the boat station.
The cultural village has 2 entrances, one in the front, and one in the back (cable car).
The ticket cost NT$700 per pax. Because of the seasonal changes, currently, the night event is the Sakura Night Lighting. 
But we decided not to go because we would have to take cab back which is rather long and ex. :( 

The map looks damn huge. But it's very easy to read and understand and we covered almost everything! We rushed abit lah. You have to take note of the time occasionally esp. when you need to catch the boat ride.

Their home of the aboriginals. They were pretty short. The roof is my height only...

There was a cultural show for one of the aboriginal, showing how the proess of marriage happens.
Lots of dancing, negotiation, and not allowed to see the girl until the negotiation and the goodies are sent to the lady's house.

One of the test for the lady is that she had to sit of the rope that is hang from 4 bamboos, and swing for a few minutes. This is to prove that the lady is healthy and in good form. *shrugs*

After the whole show, they offered free sample of their yuan zhu min food.
One of it is like muah chee rice... but it's awful to me. GGH liked it though.
The drink is rice wine, which is awful as well. haha...Not used to it.

Very pretty Sakura Garden.

After touring along all the 9 cultural tribes, we headed to the playing zone!!!
Isn't the decorations so pretty?!
It's a strawberry house. so cute!!!

We then went to take some exciting rides, but of course, lose out to the rides I took back in Gold Coast. But still, it was a quick fun for us!

Okay, so... something I have to tell. or confess.
taiwan is famous for all the stamping that I bought a mini book and brought it along with me everywhere I go. cause, there's so many places that has such stamps and it's so cute!!!! I think later towards our trip, GGH knew my standard protocol. See stamp = wait for her.  
So when you are in Taiwan, do bring a small notebook. :)

And, the European Palace! Such a pretty sight! Really got european feel and the flowers are all so pretty!

The European Palace is the last, which is by right the first attraction after the main entrance. We slowly walked back and took cable car back.
Managed to take a picture with the teddy in the cabin! It's their "attraction" for this season, every cabin also have.

We walked along the Old Street of Ita Thao for a while before taking the last boat back to Sun Moon Lake.
GGH ate this snake like thingy but it's actually the aboriginal rice muah chee.
Not nice. Yucks. But he like it...

That marks the end of our today's fun, and headed back for simple dinner and early rest for tomorrow.
Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is definitely a worth to go because you really get to understand more on their yuan zhu min, and have a feel of their culture. And the pace is really slower than in the city.


  1. Hi Tiffany, I chanced upon your travelogue while I was researching for my upcoming trip to Taiwan. It's my virgin visit to Taiwan hence I would like to ask you the places to visit in SML if I'm not staying for the night. I plan to travel to SML from Taichung and spend one day there before I travel back to Taichung in the evening. What are the places you would recommend to visit and eat in SML? :)

  2. Thank you so much in advance!:)
    Sorry to take up your time! :(