Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gyoza King at Orchid Hotel

Last Friday evening, my colleagues and I decided to go for an impromptu dinner together.
Guess everyone has no plans and didn't feel like OT-ing, so just go for chill.

Ed suggested this place so we decided to try it out.
This place is soooo small... like 15-20 seats max??
All by the counter seats. And very squeezy.

The set is very standard, $13.90,
Step 1: Choose the main course obviously, Gyoza. They have Chicken, prawn and pork.
Step 2: Choose 2 side dishes from 8 options.
Step 3: Choose your rice size (S/M/L/XL) and soup (Veg/ Miso)

Facing the counter, you can watch them prepare the food, and you can help yourself to free condiments later on, as well as pickled cabbage and beanspouts which is free flow. Try the mixed sesame on your rice! Fabulous!!! 
I like the beanspout. Slightly spicy and refreshing. Had 2 servings myself. hehe..

I order Japanese Green Tea Cola ($3) ... Looks very cool... but it turned out tasting like Coke, less sweet. haha..
No green tea taste at all... -.-"""

Since there were 4 of us, we ordered all different side dishes to share and the different types of Gyoza.
I personally prefer the prawn and the pork. No no for chicken.
The Gyoza were juicy and good fillings, but were abit oily for me.

The assortments of our side dishes. I liked the Deep fried chicken with spicy sauce & mixed sesame (top left corner of the picture) & the Stir fried pork & cabbage with Miso (the bowl below the empty bowl).

The rest were good as well but the egg was the "normal" of all. very very normal...

Overall, it was very filling set even though I came in thinking "Eat gyoza as main dish?!"
haha... we all ended up very full.
For $13.90, I think it's very worth it and nice.

Gyoza King
#01-15 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link
Tel: 6604 6674

After that, we went across the street for drinks which is cheaper than at vivocity. Had Bulmers again because they didn't have Somersby. :( 

This little sister who's very trustworthy and just love talking to her. :)
Gonna miss her when I leave.

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