Monday, March 17, 2014

The day it FINALLY rained, I went out to play...

Like finally, the clouds cried and rained heavily. Just when we decided to go for Brunch on that day!
Not to mention, the place we went is not sheltered and had to walk further in....
Bumper. Of all days...

We basically tried and catch the "lesser rain" time and ran to the brunch and to other buildings. haha..
But still, it's a happy day to smell the rain!

So, first time going to Rochester Park! Ulu place, but it's actually only like 5min walk from Buona Vista MRT! It's behind Rochester Mall. And where's Rochester Mall? Across the street past Star Vista.

We went to Nosh Restaurant & Bar for Brunch! :)
He actually has this free voucher from NS i think. $100 worth Brunch. I can't believe it does cost that much. haha..

Anyway, the food is good and the ambience is relaxing too! English style.
It was a 3 course meal for 2 of us.  

His: Fruit & Granola

Didn't like the granola cause it tasted grainy... not those sweet ones that you eat when you buy frozen yogurt.

Hers: Truffle Mushroom Soup. Damn good!

His: Fried Steak
My favourite for the day. His fried steak was special because you don't often see steak being fried. And the mashed potato was good!!! Comparable to Poulet ok?!
Hers: Nosh Fry Up
Typical english style breakfast lah. The sausage is very huge... couldn't finish it. And too salty for me.
When the waitress served the bread, I stared at her for a moment and wanted to open my mouth and say that I didn't order this. But before I could, she said it comes together with the Nosh Fried Up.
When she turned around, I caught her smiling. I think I looked stupid staring at her. *slap myself*

Hers: Cheese Cake. So-so only.

His: Toffee Date Cake. Much better :)

The restaurant is very spacious and not very crowded. Don't know it's because of the rain or it's just like that on weekend brunch. haha..
But I tihnk it's more popular at night for drinking. They have bar counter, big sofas for big groups, and got swing!!!!!
Comfy somemore!!!

For your convenience:
9 Rochester Park Singapore 139220

That was a lazy weekend cause after that we went back to watch movies. haha.
We even tabao-ed dinner to eat. lol...
It's not often that we do that so... :)

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