Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wimbly Lu

Went for brunch at Wimbly Lu yesterday!
GGH went Hong Kong the whole week and so came back on Friday. Only able to date on Sunday. :)

Wimbly Lu is famous for their chocolates and of course, WAFFLES!!!
My favourite!

We had the Grand Slam, the walnut bread is very nice surprisingly. Am not a fan of walnut bread so this is good!

The price is quite decent for breakfast, cheaper than other places that are offering $20+. This is only $15 I think.

Why we only shared a set of breakfast because the desserts are better!

MUST TRY - Root Beer Cake with ice cream!!!
Very unique taste considering elsewhere cannot find...


And of course, my favourite waffles.
I would say, personal preference, I prefer Udders waffles to this.
But this is second to Udders. I think you can hardly find such good waffles elsewhere other than these two places. :)

Wimbly Lu
15 Jalan Riang, 358987
6289 1489

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