Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taiwan Day 10: Taichung - Taoyuan - Taipei

Early morning we had to check out because today is a very packed day.
Well, that's also because I wanted to go Taoyuan. hehe..
My special request again.

Below is the building of where we are staying. Shutters are closed 24hrs. So not like hostel.

There's alot of travelling time so we quickly made our way to Taoyuan via the train.
For what?
Tashee Blooming Oasis!
This place is very popular among many taiwan dramas and MTVs... 
Like Jay Chou 花海 MTV was done here! And of course, it's a popular place for wedding shots as well.
Cause the flowers are all very pretty, but of course, depending on which season you go. The brochure they provide actually tells you which season has what flowers. Very informative!
Too bad, Sunflower is not in the season.. :(

Thankfully the sun came then my pictures would be so true to its colour!
Love this! Columns and columns of different colours flowers!

And they did the "2014" with all the flowers...

Of course, everywhere you go also got souvenir shop ..
And this pillow so cute! So colourful and it's actually a sleeping pillow with lavender. Helps you to sleep better.
The boy bought one for me! :):):)

After that, we headed to the Lao Jie.
We cabbed over due to time contraint and GGH wanna go all the Lao Jie in the areas we went.

This is apparently quite famous... many people queuing to buy... Muah Chee...
Not interested. hahaha..

Then over here, the Lao Jie seem to be famous for their Beancurd.
Almost every other shop sells beancurd, and even shops in Taoyuan sells Beancurd.
Maybe this state is famous for it?

So, we tried it!!! The sauce is actually quite good!!!
I prefer the brown beancurd than the black one.

So, that's the only place we went to at Taoyuan.
After that, we quickly head over to Taipei to check in our hotel before heading out to meet my ex-FD, Lim and our medical Director who moved to Taipei, Michelle.

Our hotel, recommended by Linx.
TS Hotel
Well kept!!! Very comfortable too and convenient to XiMenDing!
Way better than the one I stayed last year.

Their bathroom so sophisticated... Look at the shower area. So many pattern. Like can choose what type of water fall you want. quite shiok. but I didn't use lah. haha...

Lim brought us to a Japanese Restaurant which according to him, serves very good food.
It's at a very small shophouse units located near the Din Tai Feng flagship.
Of course,  we let the ordering to him. And this is the bomb!
Fresh seafood and the abalone is still alive, we could see it breathing! Yikes.
But really, it's damn shiok, and really very fresh!
Had a good long 4hours of chatting, catching up during this dinner.
They are both my favourite people in Abbott.
Good leadership, provides good guidance and no airs of a Director.
Too bad, both relocated to Taiwan.
Lim, my mentor, a very strict FD but really knows his stuff. Under him, I grew and learnt the hard way but unforgettable. Totally miss his leadership style.
Michelle, relocated late last year, was like a sister to me. Lots of peep talks even though I moved away from Planning, and we have common interest too. And she really does care for you.
Haiz.. typing away, I miss them...

Today was full of rushing here and there, and having a damn good meal with good company.
Totally dead tired by then.

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