Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taiwan Day 9: Taichung

Settled for Yong He Dou Jiang for breakfast!!!!
We ordered a lot.. again... and couldn't finish.. haha..
It's actually near Fengjia Market before the entrance.

Cost only NT$100!!!

For today's itinery, we booked a driver for a whole day as the places are pretty far off.
Cost around NT$2,000 for a whole day. Actually for this cost, I think there were other places along the way you could have gone, but we only wanted to go 2 places and wasn't interested in the rest of them.

First stop - Summit Resort (新社庄园)
It's a very different feel when you enter. European feel, castle like structures. 
Very pretty, and very picturesque. 
Shall just show pictures cause really, you won't regret going. It's very pretty.
Can go there take tons of photos, or wedding shots if you like.

Their plants all trimmed until very proper.

For lunch, the driver brought us to a popular place to eat that's very nearby the Summit Resort.
Jen Hua - It sells all mushroom stuff. Well, that's because that area is very famous for growing mushrooms!
Along the streets, you will see MANY shops selling mushrooms... ALOT...

Our mushroom steamboat. Seriously, mushroom overload. But I like mushrooms so it's okay.
All very fresh and fragrant. They have meat but only a few slices.

Cost NT$620

Our 3nd stop - The Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林(新社店))
This is MY PLACE. I specially requested for this place to be included in the itinery.
And that's why we hired a cab because to get to this place, the only way is to drive in. And it's a long way...  But I wanna come!!!
So sweet and calming place! and all lavender!!!!
Ticket Cost NT$200 for 2, with coupons offset as well.

The map looks big but actually quite small only. We stayed there for about 1.5hrs only.

The wishing tree. 


There are many different types of lavender I realised. Different countries have different growth.
Sometimes I see bigger blooms, while some are skinnier...

A little lavender house setup. All purple.. I think Yuez will like this. lol. but maybe too sweet. hahaha!

That marks our whole afternoon. Got some souvenirs before heading back.
After that, we went to another well known night market in Taichung, Yizhong Street.

Yes, I heard this is famous here. So of course must try lah.
It's juicier than the Hot Star!

Because we weren't hungry, we just walked around the night market before heading back.
Fengjia is definitely more crowded, Yizhong has more shopping stuff and more atas clothes. Similar to Shi Da in Taipei.

So we went back to Fengjia to get his craving - Papaya Milkshake (NT$40). There was very long queue last night so we sadly had to miss it, but this time round, we queued for a while only.
I think they uses different kind of milk that's why it's so special.
He finished the big cup all by himself!

We got another round of scallop and sweet potato before heading back home to pack luggage.