Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tim Ho Wan

Finally got my Dim Sum craving at Tim Ho Wan! Went to the outlet at Bedok. So near my house. hehe...
Plus, it didn't have that snaking long queue. :)

We order the 4 Heavenly Kings.

The barbeque pork bun. Delicious. Crispy outside. Soft inside. Lots of pork filling. :):):)

Vermicelli roll stuffed with Pig's Liver. Unique, I would say first of its kind. Never seen this else where.
But, acquired taste maybe for some who don't really eat pig liver.
I do eat, so ... couldn't really taste the liver taste. So, maybe if you don't like the taste of liver, you can try this. Probably can't taste it so distinctively.

Turnip Cake. So so only leh. Why under the 4 heavenly king?

Steam Egg Cake. Please try this even though normally you don't eat it.
I don't fancy this on my usual days, cause it's just too dense and sweet.
BUT... this is exactly the opposite!
Light and tear off easily, and not too sweet!
Worth to be under the 4 heavenly king!

The rest, glutinous rice. Has lots of chucks of chicken. but a bit oily.
But it's fragrant lah.

Siew Mai. No need to introduce. Must have, must eat in every dim sum. haha..
The prawn is big. :)

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