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Taiwan Day 3: Hualien - Cing Jing (Part 2)

And so, Part 2 of my Day 3:
After driving through Toroko Gorge, we arrived at Cing Jing! And we saw Sakura flowers blooming!!! YAY!!! That's the 2nd best thing that has happened in this trip! Our driver said sakura don't blossom this period but this year because of the weather climate, plus up in the mountains, we were just in luck! Just so pretty seeing Sakura... :) And he was so kind to stop by the roadside and let us take a picture of this.

We arrived at our minsu for Cing Jing - Misty Villa

Review of our minsu:

Misty Villa (雲濛仙境) 
Booking through:
We booked the Standard Room (3F).
We have heard reviews of this minsu and decided to go with this.
It's very accessible, just right beside is the Tourist Centre, a small shopping centre, and Swiss Garden is just across the street!!!
The room is spacious even though it's just a standard room.
Not only that, there's water cooler inside the room! How cool is that?! This is very good cause u don't need to boil your own hot water during cold weather. haha... cause we always have to do this during our trip.
It's clean and toilet is spacious too!
Absolutely nothing to complain about!!!!
*Thumbs Up* :):):)
Oh wait, there's one tiny little thing. There's no escalator so need to climb 3 staircase before you reach.
So, when checking out, do tell them you need help with luggage, they'll help. :)

There are actually other pretty styled minsus but given our budget and convenience, we settled for this. There's this Old England Boutique Hotel which is very grand in this littel CingJing. If you have time, you can go have tea and tour around there.

The entrance.
Couldn't fit all in the picture, so cut off the cooler. Same as what you see in the website. :)

Water Cooler!!!!!

Well kept toilet, and spacious!

Our left view of the balcony, overlooking Taroko

So without delay, we decided to go Swiss Garden! This was originally not in the plan because by the time we were supposed to arrived Cing Jing it was supposed to be like 6pm.
So, since we sitll had daylight (was around 4.30pm i think), we went across and check it out!
Glad we could make it!

Don't see the picture looks bright... it's still cold!!! Cause you are still up on higher levels.

Cing Jing's icon. Windmill.

The Small Swiss Garden - According to website, it's known as "Taiwan's Little Switzerland".  It's very prettily decorated.  In fact, Cing Jing is situated in a very good place where you get cool weathers all year round. Cing Jing and Alishan are some of the places you get good weather. :)

The entrance fee is NT$90 and there is a water show during evening hours.

Not my favourite flower but super love this! Red tulip!

Nantou's icon!
Along Cing Jing, we could see alot of sakura trees. Damn beautiful. I think I've taken lots of Sakura.... haha

Then we saw behind Cing Jing, there is an empty carpark that those vans could park at do overnight camping there! And look what they are cooking!!! Steamboat! Got rice cooker somemore! So cool lor!
If only Singapore has such weather, it will be damn shiok to do this intead of just BBQ.

It's actually quite small (that's why called Little Swiss) so after like an hour plus, we headed out for early dinner so that we can re-enter in the evening for the water show.

After suffering the cold weather the whole day, we decided to settle for hotpot and it was fantastic!!! 
Dunno it's really nice or just eating at such a weather was shiok....

We ordered the spicy hotpot and add on beef slices, cost about NT$490 which is slightly pricey but it's a tourist place so..... okay. accepted.

We shopped around before heading back to watch the water show.

And the water show.....
Don't expect too much. I think Singapore has set the standard too high until I think singapore still has the best stuuf. haha..
Like this show, it's .... not worth to watch lah. haha...

The famous Carton King - where every thing is made of carton. Even when dining, they use carton made stuff...
Wasn't interested so we didn't go there to eat. but you can sitll enter the shopping area.

That's the end of our day 3.
Finally I managed to finish this. But... another 9 more days.
Bare with me!!!!

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